What To Do With CBD Flower Trim and Shake

“Trim” or “shake” are terms used to describe the small pieces of CBD hemp flower that fall off the main bud or nuggets. This occurs normally as a result of the buds being handled, trimmed, and transported by the farm or distributor. You will also probably get some shake from buds that you’ve purchased and used over time.

These pieces may be considered “leftovers” but that certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t have value. In fact, many companies sell trim and shake at significantly lower prices than the premium buds. So it can be a great option for those on a budget. When buying shake, just be sure to read the product description so you know whether you’re getting trim that is all from a particular strain or a variety of strains if that is a concern for you.

It should be mentioned that not all the shake is great to use. Be sure to sort out some of those stems from the shake and set those aside. Old shake can get dried out and cause an unpleasant experience. So if it’s too old, consider discarding it.

Making Edibles with Shake

Shake is great to use for making your own CBD-infused edibles. If you have enough, even the stems are worthy of this use. You can grind it up and infuse it into an oil or make some cannabutter. The oil or cannabutter can then be used to bake brownies, cookies, or muffins that are infused with CBD flower.

Using Shake in Topicals

You can use shake and trim to make CBD-infused topical salves, balms, or lotions. A simple salve or balm containing beeswax and shake-infused oils can be great for skin irritations.

Smoking Shake in a Joint or Bowl

Generally, shake should not be used alone in a joint or bowl because it can lead to a harsh experience. Stems especially have the potential to lead to a headache. Instead, consider using it to fill in the gaps in addition to your regular ground-up dry herb.

Adding Shake to Your Vape

While it’s not great alone in a joint or bowl, shake can be great on its own in a vape. Use a grinder to make a fine powder and add it to your vaporizer. While the taste of vaping shake won’t compare to that of using only premium buds, it can be an effective way to save money and get the last uses out of the remnants. 

In Summary

Using the shake and trim from CBD flower can be both efficient and cost-effective. While some consider shake to be useless, there are definitely some potential uses. If you really want to stretch your money and get all that you can from your hemp flower, give the above ideas a try.

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