3 Reasons to Try Hemp Flower if CBD Oil Isn’t Working

If you’ve tried multiple CBD oil brands and products without success, it might be time to give hemp flower a try instead. Hemp flower is what your CBD products are derived from, but in its original pre-extraction form.

Here are 3 reasons to consider giving hemp flower a try if CBD oil just isn’t working for you.

1. Hemp Flower Does Not Go Through an Extraction Process

CBD oil products purchased online have gone through something called an extraction process. This basically means that the hemp extract has been pulled from the raw flower so that it can be infused into other products. There are multiple ways to extract CBD, but ethanol and CO2 are the most popular.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect way to extract CBD from hemp. Some methods, like CO2, can destroy the terpenes present in the flower. This can require them to be added back into the final product in quantities that may not have been naturally present. Sometimes, it’s the cannabinoids getting destroyed or degraded.

By purchasing hemp flower, you can use it in its raw form. Typically this means either vapig or smoking it. This considered a more “potent” method of using hemp. This method is more efficient at getting the cannabinoids and terpenes into your body without requiring an extraction process.

2. Hemp Flower is Not Diluted

When purchasing CBD products online, the hemp extract has been diluted down for ease of dosing and taste. Most CBD oils consist of two ingredients: a carrier oil and the hemp extract. 99% of what is in the bottle is the carrier oil. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is most peoples preferred method of taking CBD. The carrier oil dilutes the extremely potent extract to make it easy to dose regularly and helps cover some of the unpleasant flavors.

But for some, going straight to the source is required. Because hemp flower is the “raw” product, it has not been diluted down into a carrier oil. You get all that raw, potent goodness right away via smoking or vaping. Or, if you prefer, you can make your own CBD oil with the flower and pick exactly how diluted (or not diluted) you want it to be.

3. You Get to Pick the Strain

One of the major qualms with CBD oils is the lack of products being called by the strain that was used to produce it. Most CBD products do not specify what strain was used, and the strain can vary from season to season. Some brands do not own the farms and switch every once in a while to a new hemp supplier. This means that the product, and its effects, can change over time.

With CBD oils, the only thing that’s typically guaranteed is the CBD potency. Everything else is up in the air. This means that if the bottle says it contains 1500mg of CBD, they are usually guaranteeing only that and nothing more. The THC and terpene content can vary as they switch strains or farms.

With hemp flower, you get to pick the strain that best fits your needs right from the start. And once you find something that works for you, you can always identify it by its strain name.

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